The Redlands is a culturally rich and aware city. Our people value the spirit of creativity – both contemporary and traditional. We support vibrant visual and performing arts communities and also recognise and embrace our rich Quandamooka cultural heritage.

Cultural highlights

Redland Art Gallery

The Redlands boasts a diverse range of very active arts groups, particularly on our islands, with our galleries hosting nationally acclaimed exhibitions. Our local art galleries feature local and international works art and design, and provide many opportunities to get involved in the local arts community.

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Redland Libraries

Our libraries connect residents with a world of knowledge and nurture curious, informed, skilled and creative residents. They actively encourage engagement between the people of our community and the issues that affect us.

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Redland Performing Arts Centre

The Redland Performing Arts Centre is at the heart of our cultural commitment. It is arguably the best regional performance space in South East Queensland, offering a number of exciting performance events and opportunities to get involved each year.

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