North Stradbroke Island has some of the best dive sites in South East Queensland, just a few hundred metres from shore. The reefs surrounding Point Lookout are home to turtles, dolphins, whales, manta rays and reef fish. Try snorkelling or scuba diving.

Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre at Point Lookout offers daily dives at superb island locations just minutes off shore. An open water certificate is required however beginner, one day resort, advanced and specialty diving courses are available. Bookings are essential. Bus operates from Brisbane on selected days.


Dive Locations

Flat Rock

Beautiful clear water and drop offs make up the basic structure of flat rock with numerous sites to suit experience and weather conditions. In the summer months leopard sharks and shovelnose guitarfish can be seen all around while in winter grey nurse sharks like to take up residence.

Nursery, Flat Rock

The Nursery is the shallowest of the sites ranging from 10-18 m, perfect for final dive training. You can dive with turtles, rays and large schools of long finned bannerfish and hunt for wobbegongs hiding underneath the large boulders throughout the site.

Average Depth: 10 – 18 metres

Recommended Certification Level: Open Water – Advanced +

Wildlife: Turtles, rays, bannerfish, wobbegongs

Visibility: Average 15 – 20m / Best 30m

Temperature: Winter 19° / Summer 25°

Shark Alley, Flat Rock (Winter Dive)

Grey nurse sharks love this place in the winter, sometimes up to 16 sharks can be seen in a single encounter. The alley bottoms out around 25m so requires some experience to dive down alongside the sharks but novices can still view the graceful beauties from the ledges 18m above the alley. One of those dive sites that you need your camera for.

Average Depth: 25 metres

Recommended Certification Level: Advanced +

Wildlife: Grey nurse sharks

Visibility: Average 15 – 20m / Best 30m

Temperature: Winter 19° / Summer 25°

Turtle Caves, Flat Rock

The best diving is around the small caves in 14 – 24m where turtles and the large wobbegongs swim. A deeper site for the more adventurous and requires a reasonable level of experience. Everything from bull rays to pygmy mantarays cruise in the currents to make it one of the best drift dives you will ever do.

Average Depth: 14 – 24 metres

Recommended Certification Level: Open Water – Advanced +

Wildlife: Turtles, wobbegongs

Visibility: Average 19m / Best 30m

Temperature: Winter 19° / Summer 25°

Manta Bommie (Summer Dive)

If you’re looking for big fish then this is the place for you: Giant manta rays, leopard sharks, shovelnose, guitarfish, eagle rays and bull rays and the list goes on. You can drift over the leopard sharks and rays, swim along with one of the resident giant loggerhead turtles or watch the majestic manta rays hover above. Less of a novice site it provides more opportunity for spectacular drift diving and more time underwater to appreciate the marine life.

Average Depth: 6 – 16 metres

Recommended Certification Level: Open Water & Advanced +

Wildlife: Giant manta rays, leopard sharks, shovelnose sharks, guitarfish, eagle rays, bull rays

Visibility: Average 12m / Best 20m

Temperature: Winter 19° / Summer 25°

Shag Rock

Shag Rock offers a variety of sites to suit all conditions and levels of experience. Dive training can take place in the calm shallows surrounded by schools of fish while experienced certified divers can play in the swim through and cruise effortlessly around the rock while watching octopus being chased by angelfish or eagle rays gliding over head. If you’re into photography then Shag Rock is a macro paradise with plenty of anemones, fish and shrimp and when you look up carefully nudibranchs galore. Shag Rock also accommodates large schools of batfish, fusiliers, pomfrets and more porcupine fish than you can poke a stick at. In the summer months it is common to see leopard sharks and large rays just hanging out on the sand patches while hawksbill and small loggerhead turtles stay all year round in the sheltered waters.

Average Depth: 12 metres

Recommended Certification Level: Open Water & Advanced +

Wildlife: Octopus, angelfish, eagle ray, batfish, fusiliers, pomfrets, porcupine fish

Visibility: Average 12 – 15m / Best 20m

Temperature: Winter 19° / Summer 25°



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