Raby Bay Marina

Raby Bay Marina

Just a 1km walk from our Bed and Breakfast is the very popular Raby Bay Marina. Not only is it a restaurant district but there are cafes and shops. Aria Cruises departs from the Jetty regularly. Once a month there are the Twilight Makers Markets in the park next to the marina. Next to the marina is the Cleveland Train Station so very handy for transportation.

Koalas in Local Parks

Within a 2km walk are several Koala spotting areas in the wild including William Ross Park, next to the Cleveland State Primary School and also walking north of the park along Fitzroy Street towards Raby Bay.

Koalas are of the species Phascolarctos cinereus. Koalas move from tree to tree, area to area, however, there is almost always at least one in either in the laneway along the Wynyard Street entrance of William Ross Park and trees within the park. There are also some koalas that frequent the Donald Simpson park on Bloomfield St.

The koala is a type of mammals called a marsupial. This means that females have a pouch. Koalas are closely related to the wombat because both have backwards-facing pouches. They have a stout body with strong arms for climbing.  They also have very long, curved claws. Koalas have two opposable thumbs on each hand which helps with extra strong grip when climbing through the trees.

While eucalypts and other related species form the main part of a koala’s diet, food is not the only reason koalas need trees. Koalas use trees to protect themselves from the weather.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Bella Vista of Raby Bay Bed and Breakfast has their own Stand-Up Paddleboard or you can use from our Pontoon.

Alternatively, you can hire one from Bay Islands Standup Paddle Boards and Kayak Hire on Raby Bay Beach Foreshore (map).

Paddleboarding is great exercise and a great way to see either the canal views or the attractive Raby Bay Beach.

Stradbroke Island

There’s so much to explore and experience on North Stradbroke Island. From endless summer adventures to amazing whale watching winters, Straddie Is the perfect place for a holiday, a short break or a day trip.

Either drive or catch a bus to the Stradbroke Flyer Ferry Terminal and take the 25-minute ferry to Dunwich, North Stradbroke. From there you can catch a bus to many of the stops along the way to Point Lookout, which has a Main Beach that is popular with locals and tourists alike.

There is a hotel, cafes, restaurants and accommodation on the island. Visit the Stradbroke Island website for more information.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is very popular on North Stradbroke Island, with a wide range of fish and plentiful coral and other attractions.

You can book a diving tour with several operators, including The Scuba Coach company which runs a North Stradbroke Island Day Trip | Double Dive.

“If you haven’t been diving around North Stradbroke Island then you have missed out on the best dive sites our area has to offer. All sites are situated around large exposed and unexposed rocks and reefs around Point Lookout. Visibility is good all year around. The most popular sites are Flat Rock, Shag Rock and Manta Boomie. Come and join us for an amazing day.”


There is a wide range of arts and crafts in the Redlands Coast, both on the mainland and the local islands such as North Stradbroke, Macleay Island and more. The Redland Art Gallery is located in Cleveland and is a popular tourist attraction with revolving art exhibits and events.


RPAC is a major initiative which provides local opportunities for community participation in arts and cultural life and encourages local creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship.
Raby Bay pontoon

Cruising Moreton Bay

Explore and discover the delights of southern Moreton Bay in an affordable and fun way with Aria Cruises.
Give yourself and your family, friends and loved ones the gift of sailing the sparkling bay waters to Peel Island or North Stradbroke Island – the second largest sand island in the world.
Enjoy swimming, snorkelling, fishing, beach cricket or just relax and enjoy the abundant marine life, including dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles you may see along the way.
Cruises depart from Raby Bay Harbour, Cleveland at 8am and 1.30pm. Both include morning or afternoon tea and a delicious lunch of prawns, cold meats, cheeses, salads and a complimentary drink. Aria Cruises can also customise package deals for work functions, parties or other group gatherings.

Phone 0487441618 to arrange a booking and remember to quote BellaVista as a reference